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Custom Designed Favors

Let Succulent Bar create unique, memorable party favors for your guests.

You tell us what size, look and design you want and we take care of the rest. Succulent Bar will prepare and package each creation according to your specifications. Your guests will take away their custom designed party favor full of excitement with something they can enjoy for weeks and months to come! 


Pick a pot

We offer two sizes of pots to choose from. Then you decide if you want painted or let the look of natural terracotta color speak for itself. 


2.5" Unpainted Terracotta pot (incl. 2" succulent) -$6.00 each

2.5" Painted Terracotta pot (incl. 2" succulent) -$8.00 each

4.5" Unpainted Terracotta pot (incl. 4" succulent) -$13.00 each

4.5" Painted Terracotta pot (incl. 4" succulent) -$15.00 each

4.5" Painted Terracotta pot (assortment of 3 small succulents) -$18.00 each

Painted pots can be a single color or two toned (color on rim and different color on the base). Countless paint color options available!

Non Terracotta Pots and additional vessel options available.   


pick a topping

After your succulent is planted, it's time to choose which topping will sit on top of the soil. This is a great way to let the look and style of your event shine through.

2.5" Pots - Add $0.75 per pot

4.5" Pots - Add $1.50 per pot


Choose from: Glass Gems, Colored Gravel, Natural Stone, Deco Glass, Spanish Moss, Sea Glass, or Reindeer Moss


a lil something extra

We offer a few special extras that will take your custom designed succulent to the next level! 


Flag Picks - Add $0.50-$2.00 per pot

Handwritten Calligraphy - Starting at $2.00 per pot and up

Vinyl Lettering - Starting at $3.00 per pot and up

Stickers - Add $0.50 for 2.5" pot, $1.00 for 4.5" pot

Sheet Stickers - $4.00 per sheet


Package it all up

Finally, it's time to prepare the succulent so your guest can easily transport it home without making a mess in the car. Personalize each party favor with a gift tag. 


Gift Bag with Handles - For 2.5" pot: Add $1.00 per favor; For 4.5" pot: Add $2.00 per favor.

Gift Sack with No Handles - For 2.5" pot only: Add $0.50 per favor

Kraft Gift Boxes - Prices vary depending on size

Burlap Gift Bag - Add $3.00-$5.00 per bag

Gift Tags - Add $1.00 per favor

Send us your invitation and we will create a custom color palette for your event. No invitation? No problem. We're happy to work with you to design a look you and your guests will love. 

**Each order must include at least 10 favors.**