Just Because Box

Just Because Box


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Great gift for anyone, for any reason… Just Because!

  • White Dotted Ceramic Pot  (2.5” W x 3” H )

  • 2.5” Succulent (succulent variety will vary based on availability)  

  • Bag of Succulent Potting Soil, Bag of Rock Toppings, & Printed Planting & Care Instructions 

  • 3 oz. Luxury Soy Candle – Pineapple Crush   

  • Floral Box with set of 90 Matches

  • 200 Lined Sheet Blue Polka dot Notebook 

  • Sweet Caroline Confections Sucker (flavor and sucker design based on availability) 

  • Choice of Love Trivia, Travel Trivia or Family Time After Dinner Amusement Cards 

  • Canvas Mini Pouch 5” W x 4” H (pouch design based on availability)

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