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hi, I'm jess


Hello, I’m Jessica Siefert, owner of Succulent Bar & Petal Bar. First I’ll start by saying thank you for your interest, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you! From DIY succulent planting tables, to succulent gifts, favors and centerpieces, we can do it all. We even provide you with the option to create your own succulent masterpiece by designing custom party favors which is unique and so much fun!

I started Succulent Bar so that I could spend my time interacting with two things I love, succulents and events. I grew up surrounded by plants, as my mother owned a nursery called The Plant Menagerie. More than just the element of plants and nature, I am very drawn to the design and look of the succulent and cacti plants and see them as an element of home decor.

I have an extensive background in events, from Wedding Planning, Corporate Events and Concert Production and studied Interior Design in college. By combining my passion for events and design the idea of the Succulent Bar blossomed.

Ultimately, everything I do is for my little “four pack.” None of this would be possible without my amazing husband and my beautiful children. They are the center of my universe and inspire me daily to be the best I can be and put my heart into everything I do.

With love.

Jessica & Marcus, Noah, and Emma

Our dedicated team who help us continue to grow

Our dedicated team who help us continue to grow

Our crew

We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for “our ladies.”  These women have put in endless hours with us and whether they like it or not have become family.

I love talking succulents and dried floral. Any thoughts or ideas on how we can create an event or gift that you will love, are always welcome. Send me a note.  


When I'm not getting my hands dirty...

  • We might be having spontaneous family dance parties in the kitchen while making dinner.

  • I have been known to go through quite a few vacuum cleaners due to my passion, OK some may say OCD like tendencies for a tidy house. Those vacuums just can't keep up with this cleaning machine. 

  • Even though I'm constantly on the go, I'm honestly a homebody. I also never watch television, rarely drink soda and never work out. 

  • My wonderful husband does all the cooking in our household. Without him none of this would be possible and I would probably starve - or live off frozen dinners. 



Photo Credit: Special thanks to Maxynne Leanne and Drake Studio.