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no water or sun needed. totally maintenance free these vibrant dried florals stay as-IS

This ain’t your grandma’s dried floral


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A sampling of our dried floral that guests could select their favorites from

Interactive petal bar event

An onsite Petal Bar Specialist will style an elegant table setup for you and assist your guests through the process of creating their dried floral favor. We bring the containers, dried floral, and various “accessories” for your guests to choose from. Examples of accessories include: colored rocks, glass stones, metallic rocks, personalized custom flag picks, etc.

Once your guests have created their own dried floral favor we will bag their beautiful creations up for them to take home. This high-end favor will be something they will be able to keep for many years to come and requires absolutely no care.


Dried Floral Globes

  • $16.00 per person (Includes a variety of vibrant dried floral for your guest to choose from)

  • 20 person minimum order

  • $150 per hour for a Petal Bar Specialist – two hour minimum + Setup

  • Globes can be filled with white, silver or black sand

  • Custom name cards – available at an additional charge of $2.50 per and up

  • Can be shipped across the U.S. as a DIY Package- Just ask us how!

Preserved Roses

  • $18.00 per person (Colors available: White, Creme, Pink, Bronze, Emerald Green, Red and more)

  • Minimum order of 6 preserved roses per color. Can select multiple colors.

  • $150 per hour for a Petal Bar Specialist – two hour minimum + Setup

  • Your choice of either a white, gold or rose gold container

  • Includes colored rocks, glass stones, metallic rocks to “top it off”

  • Vinyl lettering & custom tags - available at an additional charge


One of our preserved roses in a gold container, complete with rock toppings


A globe filled with black sand and a lovely assortment of our dried floral. Custom name card optional.


See one of our preserved rose events in action!


A custom designed acrylic box arrangement, perfect for workshops.

petal bar workshops

Petal Bar Workshops are ideal for small-medium sized groups looking for an activity they can participate in together. Under the guidance of a Petal Bar Specialist, our staff guides guests step by step on how they can create their own dried floral arrangement. We provide all the materials needed and demonstrate how fun and easy it is to design an upscale dried floral arrangement, that you never have to water! We make suggestions on creating a visually interesting array using different heights, colors and textured floral.


Custom Designed Acrylic Box

  • Starting at $85 per person

  • $150 per hour for a Petal Bar Specialist – one hour minimum + Setup

  • Minimum 10 people per workshop

  • Custom medallion - available for additional charge

Dried Floral Budvases

  • Starting at $40 per person

  • $150 per hour for a Petal Bar Specialist – one hour minimum + Setup

  • Minimum 10 people per workshop


Our budvase containers with dried floral medley.


Such depth and beauty in our acrylic boxes when filled with rich textured dried floral.


This workshop was pure magic! Watch how we take guests through creating their own dried floral arrangement during our workshop.


An elegant white budvase arrangement with rich red textured floral and moss hues.

An elegant white budvase arrangement with rich red textured floral and moss hues.

the forever floral gift

No Green-thumb is required when giving these dried floral gifts. Totally maintenance free, these florals stay as-is adding vibrant decor to any room.

  • Boutonnieres - $16.00 each

  • Budvases - Starting at $40.00, several containers available

  • Preserved Roses - $18.00 each, several rose colors available (subject to availability)

  • Dried Floral Globes - $16.00 each, name cards available for additional cost

  • Custom Designed Acrylic Boxes - Starting at $85.00

Most of our dried floral creations you see can be purchased individually. If you see an arrangement or container you like, please inquire. Some dried floral have minimum orders.

Several personalization’s can be achieved, just ask us about it! 

Preserved rose

Preserved rose



Dried floral globes

Dried floral globes



Custom designed acrylic box

Custom designed acrylic box

Unique budvase arrangement

Unique budvase arrangement



This box is ready to ship across all 50 states via our Etsy store.

This unique floral will not wilt, requires no water and is not a live plant! Each gift box will contain:

  • 1 White Preserved Rose, gold container and rock toppings & Printed Care Instructions

  • Lined Page Watercolor Notebook

  • Luxury Soy Candle 3 oz. – Fresh Sea Salt Scent 

  • Fancy Matches  

  • Striped Canvas Wine Bag

Interested in a group order? Need pick up or delivery around Houston? Send us a note here.

$62.00 - Free Domestic Shipping Included


dried floral facts

  • YES, these are real flowers that have been carefully dried or preserved so they will keep their color and last for years.

  • NO, there’s absolutely zero water, sunlight or soil required for these beautiful florals.

Photo Credit: Special thanks to Good Omen, Maxynne Leanne, and Drake Studio.